Reminiscent of clouds in a De Stijl style environment, my piece, “To Touch the Sky” is a serene sculpture, created using white paper, wood, and fabric, establishing an atmosphere where calm, tranquility is achieved. 

As the audience approaches the piece, they experience a flexible white fabric that is presented in a wooden frame. They pass by unknowing that their movements have consequences on the world around them. As they notice the structure moving above them, they begin to examine it, initiating the action of the white cloud like forms hung from the ceiling, which begins to swell and surge. With the increased excitement of the shifting forms, the audience increases the pace of their movements and gestures, shifting the once peaceful and serene environment into a violent, turbu-lent space.

As the audience changes, so does the experience. This user generated environment follows the demands of each person, creating an intimate and unique experience for each interaction, redefining the space and the ways in which we interact with simple materials around us.
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